Nigel was born in England in 1960, a very good year! His family migrated to Australia in 1964 and moved to a farm just to the east of Albany where he spent most of his childhood years. After primary and secondary school in Albany, Nigel moved to Perth to complete a Bachelor of Science with Honours from the University of Western Australia, majoring in Physics. Instead of becoming a Rocket Scientist, Nigel joined Schlumberger, a multinational oilfield service company and worked in various roles for 15 years in Indonesia, Australia and Norway. He returned to Perth in 1996 and joined Wapet, an oil company focused on developing Western Australia’s oil resources. Chevron absorbed Wapet in 2000 and in 2015 he was transferred to Houston where he currently works.

Nigel has always been interested in writing despite basing a career on the sciences which he finds more difficult! He has also written and presented technical papers for professional associations within the oil industry. He would like to devote more time to writing but found that having a full-time job and being married with three active boys soaked up all of his available extra time.

Whilst working on the rigs Nigel enjoyed listening to and telling great stories. He began Malacca Mystery very early in his career during standby periods and it is an adventure tale set in the backdrop of how things really were in those days!